How It’s Made

CR World was founded out of our own need for quality CBD-rich products for our family. When we source our products, we have an understanding of what is (and what is not) in our products. We have a firm belief in the cleanest and least processed forms of products and pride ourselves in our selection of premium ingredients to make caregiving for you and your family a little easier.

Lipid Extraction

What is lipid extraction? It is the oldest and cleanest way to extract as much of a plant out without using harsh pressure, temperatures or solvents.  In our extraction process we use a clean, organically grown, lab-tested superior variety all of whole hemp and bathe it in an unrefined, cold pressed, organic coconut oil. This is different from MCT oil, which has been stripped of its short and long chain triglycerides, which are the lipids that help to make our oil more bio available in the body. 

In this extraction process the plant is steeped at a low pressure and low temperature, never using harsh solvents. Because the low temperature keeps the plant from vaporizing, we do not lose as much of the plant in our extraction process and we do not have to enrich our oil with any additives or terpenes, or boost it with CBD or other cannabinoids. 

Just 2 ingredients: Whole coconut oil and whole hemp, from the ground to your body. Our extraction concentration is great for micro ingesting, beginners, and those with very sensitive endocannabinoid systems, including seniors and our pets.

“Our whole-food hemp infused coconut oil [also known as CR Balance] tastes delicious and combines well with so many ingredients. It’s a staple in our households, and a true multitasker. We keep the quart on the kitchen counter and add it to our foods. I add it to my dogs’ food too and when we make them special treats. We use it topically by itself and by mixing it in with my favorites: moisturizing lotion, anti-aging serum, after-sun care, massage lotion, lip-balm, deodorant… you get the idea right? Of course, it’s even good for ahem… down there. Since our oil freezes because of all of those great lipids, you can put it into a mold and make suppositories [vaginal or rectal.]”

Colette Florido, Founder & CEO of CR World

But there's one secret you must know... there's no magic in the bottle.

You have to incorporate it into your routine for best results, and hopefully you’ll notice how much CR Balance’s lipid extraction can be a world of health for you and your family.