CR Balance 125mg

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Our hemp infused, full spectrum coconut oil is simply two ingredients: whole plant hemp and unrefined, cold-pressed, organic coconut oil. CR Balance can be used topically, ingested by itself, or incorporate with food.

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Using the cultivar Special Sauce, and one of the oldest and most gentle methods, lipid extraction, CR Balance is rich in cannabinoids due to the low-pressure, low-temperature extraction, without the use of any solvents. CR Balance is then tested to ensure a THC content less than 0.3%. This superior method ensures CR Balance naturally contains the highest level of cannabinoids, terpenes, and whole plant benefits with no pesticides, no additives, and no enhancements. Just plain plant goodness.

Some of the benefits you may experience from using CR Balance regularly:

Physical Benefits:

• Reduces minor pain after periods of physical exertion (like exercise)
• Promotes joint mobility and flexibility
• Supports healthy digestive function
• Speeds post-exercise muscle recovery
• Encourages restful sleep

Emotional and Mental Benefits:

• Helps reduce ordinary stress and anxiety
• Combats fatigue after periods of mental and physical exertion
• Sharpens mental focus
• Helps prevent mild memory loss associated with aging
• Promotes a positive mood

Please note, product naturally solidifies at temperatures <70F°. To re-liquefy, briefly place bottle in warm water until desired state is reached. Can also be used in solid form.

Organic, Unrefined, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil
Organically Grown U.S. Hemp


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