Happy Halloween! Here are some Halloween CBD tips for pets. Stay safe and happy this spooky holiday!

1. Update Tags
If your pet happens to get out, you want to ensure they have the best chance of making it back to you. Make sure your pet’s tags are updated with your current information.

2. Find & Establish a Safe Space
Create a space in your home for your pet to hang out during the night. Preferably away from foot traffic, loud noises, and open windows.

3. Prepare Ahead
Take your pooch for a walk, empty that litter box, and give your furry friend some extra love. Don’t skimp on the playtime too!

4. Hide the Candy
You know the drill: chocolate in any form can be dangerous for both cats and dogs, and sugar substitute xylitol can cause serious complications. Best to keep the candy far away and out of reach.

5. Remember the CBD!
Remember: give your pets their CR Pets Thrive Bites or CR Balance for Pets at least 1 (one) hour before Trick or Treaters arrive. This allows the CBD enough time to settle and take effect. It also helps you determine if a second dose is needed. We suggest 1 mg CBD per 10 lbs of pet weight.