Experiencing the symptoms of PMS and menopause can throw us off our game. Women are often referred to as the ‘heart of the family’. Regularly we are seen as the nurturing mother, hard-working single mom, caregiver to elderly parents, or a career-minded trailblazer (or even a mix of these descriptions). Women press on through what can be emotionally exhausting days while battling symptoms of our silent illnesses that society has told us to be embarrassed by. With all that said, let’s focus on the ways that CBD oil can make these days a bit more bearable. 

Trying to manage PMS

How CBD Can Manage Mood Swings

One of the most commonly reported symptoms of PMS and menopause is mood swings. We all know that mood swings from PMS are the result of a woman’s hormones mimicking that of a 3-day long bungee jump. Those of you experiencing the changes of menopause are experiencing the same bungee jump but more sporadically, and unfortunately, sometimes more than once a month as a result of the decreasing levels of estrogen. Instead of the positive rush of adrenaline one would experience from a (voluntary) bungee jump, women instead feel anxious and jittery, while lashing out and possibly overreacting to situations that we otherwise could deal with (saying this out of love from someone who experiences this once a month). The beautiful thing about using CBD oil is that it is an all-natural, non-psychoactive solution to an age-old problem. CBD’s impact on serotonin may help to level out stress and emotional responses.

Insomnia and PMS

Another common symptom of both PMS and menopause is insomnia. Menopausal women may begin to experience insomnia more frequently than during their PMS years. CBD helps your mind and body to relax. In fact, in most cases CBD does not only impact how long you sleep but also how deeply you sleep. Check out another CBD 101 article on CBD and sleep here.

woman looks like she is hot

Hot Flashes During Menopause

The frequency and intensity of hot flashes can leave your head spinning. You might be thinking it’s impossible to cool down your internal sauna, but we assure you that it’s worth a shot! Boosted serotonin levels can lower your overall body temperature and help regulate hot flashes (or power surges).

Why struggle with the effects of womanhood when there are safe, natural solutions available? PMS and menopause do not have to impact how much you enjoy life and they are certainly NOT something to be embarrassed of. Take some time to do your own research on the benefits of CBD on your perfectly-beautiful female body!