Across the nation, seniors are learning about the benefits of and uses for CBD. In fact, seniors are the fastest growing demographic using CBD to ease the effects of ordinary stress and anxiety, swollen joints, and typical aches and pains. A recent article from AARP captures one senior CBD user acknowledging her overall quality of life has improved since taking CBD. Others have distinctively noticed an improvement in their pain from swollen joints that prescription drugs were unable to help.


So, what do senior citizens need to know about using CBD?

  1. Seniors need to know that unlike many prescription drugs taken for pain, CBD is not addictive, and in fact, are extremely safe.
  2. Seniors should know that CBD does not produce a “high” like the more well-known part of the cannabis plant, THC, which is known for its euphoric or psychoactive effects.

CBD Improves Seniors’ Quality of Life

  1. Daily use of  CBD can help promote healthy sleep patterns, something many seniors report struggling with.
  2. It is common as one nears the end of life and begins to struggle with numerous health issues to begin suffering from intense stress, sadness or anxiety. 

Seniors undoubtedly suffer from a substantial amount of pain and discomfort along with a variety of other issues taking away from their quality of life. With the convenience and useful benefits CBD offers, it is no wonder that more and more seniors are seeking out this plant compound.