Most of us are looking forward to the holiday season ahead – the get-togethers, delicious food, decorations and all the whimsy that comes with a widely-celebrated holiday. However, any holiday time can be a difficult time for a lot of people, including the senior citizens in our lives.

While many of us are thinking about menu planning and guest lists, seniors may be feeling overwhelmed with stressful thoughts and anxiousness about the weeks ahead. If you haven’t thought about the overwhelming impacts the holiday get-togethers could have on yourself or your loved ones, take a minute to think about the below ways the holidays specifically impact seniors.

The Loss of a Loved One:

Many seniors have experienced the loss of their partner and may feel exceptionally lonesome around the holidays. Make every attempt to include the seniors in your life on all the holiday activities you have planned. Let them know you are a phone call away if they ever want to talk, too. 

Post-Holiday Blues: 

Throughout the year, seniors often are alone and may experience depressed thoughts. They may look forward to the holidays because of the social opportunities and extra time with family and friends. However, this extra social time can make the “let down” after the holidays even harder as they are thrust back into their regular schedule and feelings of loneliness. Don’t forget about your older loved ones after the holidays, especially those first few weeks. Make sure you put time on your calendar in the months following to visit or make frequent calls.

Irregular Meals and Diets Eating (and Overeating):

Rich foods seem to be a part of our cultural experience during the holidays. These rich meals and eating at unusual meal times can be difficult on a senior’s digestive track. If you are a senior or a caregiver to one, be sure to be mindful of your meals. If you indulge once, pace out your other meals or freeze rich meals to eat later. Including a regular supplement of CBD can also promote healthy digestion.

Normal Stress and Anxiety:

We’ve all admitted to feeling overwhelmed by the holidays. The schedule and financial strain can be difficult to navigate for anyone. A senior is more than likely experiencing more stress and anxiety than they let on. As much as they may look forward to spending time around family, the crowds and loudness of gatherings can be overwhelming. They may have difficulty getting around as it is, before you add in a group of adults in a living room or the boisterous play of small children. For those who may have hearing loss, carrying on a conversation around the dinner table can be frustrating and stressful. Make sure you don’t leave grandma or grandpa in the armchair being ignored this year. Make a point to stop and speak with them and include them on activities and conversations. An additional small amount of CBD can help to relieve some of the added stress brought on by the holiday chaos.

When it comes to dealing with depressed feelings, loneliness, anxious thoughts or upset stomachs, there are a lot of steps we can take to improving overall quality of life. It is important to remember that there is not just one component to managing these physical and emotional stressors. A combination of lifestyle changes, mindfulness and regular CBD supplements can make a huge difference in how seniors enjoy the holidays this year.